Narada Bhakti Sutras

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chapter 5 Introduction


Prostrations to all.

We have come to the very last chapter of Narada Bhakthi Sutras. This chapter is titled Mukhya Bhakthi Mahima. As the title suggests, this chapter speaks about mukhya bhakthi or para bhakthi or supreme devotion wherein the devotee merges unto the ultimate reality of Lord. We will see a small introduction today before entering into the sutras of the chapter.

We have already learnt the two main types of bhakthi as para bhakthi and apara bhakthi. Para Bhakthi is equivalent to Jnaana propounded by Sankara – it is that devotion wherein the devotee merges unto the Lord (we can compare it with atma nivedanam of the nava vidha bhakthi propounded by Prahlaada in Bhagavatham). Apara Bhakthi is wherein the devotee still has the difference between himself and the Lord. As a result of this difference between the devotee and the Lord, the devotee might consider the Lord in that form which seems attractive and suitable to him. Thus Narada spoke about the different types of gauni bhakthi (type of apara bhakthi) in the previous chapter.

Narada after explaining the importance of devotion, sadhanas of devotion, nature of devotion etc. is again concentrating on the core of Para Bhakthi or Supreme Devotion which is the goal for a devotee to be achieved. Unless we focus ourselves on the ultimate reality of Lord, we will end up fighting about the various dualities in the world which will lead us only to sorrow. If a devotee seeks anandam which is the very nature of Lord, he should always set his goal as para bhakthi. Narada in the last chapter is re-emphasizing Para Bhakthi by speaking about it. Though this chapter is titled Mukhya Bhakthi Mahima yet we can consider this as a brief summary of bhakthi in general as well. Narada in the end of this chapter beautifully categorizes devotion into 11 (ekadasha bhakthi) even as Bhagavatham has navavidha bhakthi.

Finally Narada anticipating the objection that these are his personal views mentions that these are the words of not just Narada but all bhakthi acharyas. Thus we also get a list of Bhakthi acharyas from Narada.

We will enter into the chapter in the next day by learning the first sutra.

Prostrations to all.


Let a moment not pass by without remembering God


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