Narada Bhakti Sutras

Monday, June 04, 2007

Chapter 4 Introduction


Prostrations to all.

It's been quite a long gap to continue this thread of Narada Bhakthi Sutras. Sincerely apologize for the same as it was mainly due to laziness (and of course time being spent in moviesJ) and partly due to health troubles. As long as the body is there, there will be health troubles. As long as health troubles are there, it will be a hindrance to such activities. Moreover our goal through these discussions is not to do spiritual service through discussions but to strengthen our mind so that we face such health and other troubles through bliss. Whether we are healthy or not, whether we are safe or not, whether we are externally happy or not - always bliss should emanate in and out of us. This is the final goal of human life that whatever is the situation or condition or environment, we are ever blissfulJ. This is to be achieved through strengthening the mind that there is nothing here but Brahman alone exists by the way of discussions.

Without getting off the topic, let us quickly see a short introduction of the fourth chapter of Narada Bhakthi Yoga titled Prema Nirvachanam or definition of Love. After explaining about bhakthi, its importance and the path for bhakthi, Narada here tries to explain about the definition of love.

If worldly love itself cannot be defined in words, how can we define pure love? This is how Narada starts this chapter by telling that love cannot really be defined. But being the compassionate master and devotee that he is, Narada still goes on to explain a lot about the state of love which in turn gives us glimpses of the state that we will/have to attain through learning of this work.

This chapter consists of 16 sutras in total and finally ends the chapter by telling that Prema or pure love alone should be the goal of human life. We will enter into the chapter from tomorrow.

Once again apologies for having such a long gap - hope each one of us refreshes our memories on this work from our blog (thanks to Mallika and Rajesh for prompt maintenance of the blogs).

Prostrations to all.

Let a moment not pass by without remembering God


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