Narada Bhakti Sutras

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chapter 2, Sutra 8 and 9


Prostrations to all.

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Sutra 8 –
na tena raja paritoshah shutshaantirvaa

Word meaning
Tena – by that (the fruit)
Na - not
Raja paritoshah – king is newly created
Vaa – or
Shutshaantih – appeasement of hunger happens

Sutra meaning
In the examples quoted, there is no king newly created or appeasement of hunger happens.

In the previous sutra, Narada had given examples to show that Bhakthi is self-sufficient. Here he says that in the quoted examples nothing new is created instead only seemingly appearing hunger was removed as well as only existing king was realized through knowledge. This shows that bhakthi is something which doesn’t create anything new but only makes a person realize his very nature (whatever is already there). That which involves mere realization and no attainment is always self-sufficient because it doesn’t involve any activity either internal or external (as activities are done to gain something).

Sutra 9 –
Tasmaat saiva graahya mumukshubhih

Word meaning
Tasmaat – therefore (since bhakthi is self-sufficient and supreme)
Saa eva – bhakthi alone
Graahya – to be sought
Mumukshubhi – by mumukshus

Sutra meaning
Since bhakthi is self-sufficient and supreme, therefore that alone has to be sought by seekers.

Narada concludes this second chapter by telling that Bhakthi alone has to be sought by a seeker since that alone is supreme (and can alone lead to eternal bliss).

We will see a summary of this chapter (2nd chapter titled Parabhakthi mahima) in the next day.

Prostrations to all.


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